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Tatyana's List

Length: 80 min/24 min
Language: Russian
Year of release: 2018
Production status: pre-production

The story about a woman who is on trial for helping refugees. 

Defendant Tatiana Kotlyar does not deny that in her three-room apartment more than 1000 foreigners has already been registered. These people do not really live with her. They are refugees from the former Soviet territories. They were forced to leave their countries because of difficult circumstances: some because their houses were destroyed, the other were forced to earn money for sick relatives, the third were captured and secretly taken to the territory of another country. The first thing they need to do in Russia is to get a so-called the registration at the place of residence within seven days. Without this document refugees are threatened with deportation. The only person who agrees to make a residence permit in her apartment for free to anyone who asks is Tatyana Kotlyar. And for this she is under trial for the second time. A fictitious registration is the reason for a large fine or prison - but Tatyana Mikhailovna deliberately defies the law.

The uneasy stories of her charges and her own amazing destiny as a human rights defender are intertwined into a single knot - and they are bound by a tight apartment in a sleepy provincial town.

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