Hey! Teachers!

2020, 90 min., color, Russian

DirectorYulia Vishnevets

Screenplay: Yulia Vishnevets with Olga Badina
Cinematographer: Konstantin Salomatin, Darya Senicheva, Yulia Lantsova
Producer: Eugenia Vengerova

World premiere: Krakow Film Festival


Jury Special Mention - Krakow Film Festival Documentary Competition 2020

Alexander Rastorguev Prize for a protagonist Vasiliy Kharitonov - IFF Message to Man 2020

Jury Special Mention - Golden Apricot Yerevan IFF 2020

National Award "Laurel Branch" for the Best film 2020

First Runner-up - Hong Kong International Documentary Festival 2020 (International Competition)

Graduates of top-ranking universities arrive to start work at a challenging school in the province. The young teachers encounter difficult students and hostile colleagues. Will the young enthusiasts be able to win their trust and shake up the traditional culture?